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TATACO "KN" Knitwear Needles

TATACO "KN" Knitwear Needles
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The TATACO "KN" needles with special needle blade are special design for lower penetration force and higher fabric protection in very densely knitwears sewing.
  • Longer and thinner needle tip - lower penetration force.
  • One size less in the needle blade - heating reduction and lower possibility in fabric damage.
  • Extra light ball point - protect the fabric.
  • KN+SPI - for extra fine woven material.
  • The TATACO "KN" needle with "CM" ceramic coating in the needle tip will bring you two times longer life and 15% heating reduction.

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CEO:Mr. Shaker Tata
Contact:Ms Sheila Hsiao
Ms May Lin
Address:No.205 Dun Hwa South Road, Sec. 1 ,10F-3, Room No. 1103 Taipei, 10690 Taiwan
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