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TATACO Jeans Series Needles

TATACO Jeans Series Needles
Product ID: UY128 GAS, DC X 27, UO113 GS, DP X 5, DP X 17, DV X 63, TV X 5, DO X 5
The new choice since year of 2000, the "TATACO" Titanium PVD needle and "CM" ceramic coating needles will offer you a perfect choice.
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System Size
UY128 GAS 18-22
DC X 27 19-22
UO113 GS 18-22
DP X 5 19-22
DP X 17 19-22
DV X 63 19, 20
TV X 5 19-22
DO X 5 19, 22

Contact Detail

CEO:Mr. Shaker Tata
Contact:Ms. May Lin
Address:No.205 Dun Hwa South Road, Sec. 1 ,10F-3, Room No. 1103 Taipei, 10690 Taiwan
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